Silverlight SDK Controls vs. Lync 2013

If you face the following symptoms:

  • you have Lync 2013 client running on the desktop
  • you have a web application with Microsoft Silverlight SDK controls embedded in it
  • the controls are in enabled state but theirs GUI do not reflect the user’s current state in Lync (see MyStatusArea below)
  • and no such an issue if Lync 2010 client running on the desktop instead of Lync 2013

​then most probably you do not know or forgot about the new registry entries introduced by Microsoft for Lync 2013.

Transfer Delay in Lync Environment

This post covers transfer delay we measured in Lync 2010 environment. Measurement is conducted in a dedicated, unloaded Lync environment we set up to perform this measurement.

Users might face significant transfer delay depending on the trunk settings and the location user is registered and calling from. This post shows exact values and gives some advice how to minimize transfer delay.